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As a long time member (starting in 2002) of the Apple® Made for iPod (MFi) and Works with iPhone (WWi) programs, Engineered Audio has developed the techniques and technology to be uniquely positioned to provide complete design services for iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® 3rd party Accessory and iOS App development. Additionally we have all of the necessary tools to help customers pass iDevice Self-Certification and iPhone® TDMA testing. We can offer iPhone GSM/TDMA pre-certification testing (TRP, TIS, GSM/TDMA audbile noise) through the use of our own test facility and Anritsu-brand GSM Base Station Emulator.

Additionally, for very complex problems, Engineered Audio has a very close relationship with and proximity to the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T) Center for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (CEMC) Laboratory | link |; with its EMC consortium | link |; it is considered a world leader for EMC investigation.

Engineered Audio offers these services:
- Conceptualization and development
- Mechanical / Industrial Design
- Component testing and selection
- Schematic generation
- PCB Layout
- Prototype buildup
- Transfer to production support
- Pre-compliance testing (FCC, IC, CE, VDE, C TICK, etc.)
- Apple oriented iPod/iPhone/iPad Accessory Self-Certification testing and submittal
- Apple oriented iPhone TDMA pre-certification testing

Our Capabilities:
- PCB Layout - Rigid, Flex, double sided, multi-layer, etc.
- 3D / Solid modeling to STEP or STL
- RF / Wireless - IR to 5.8Ghz, custom or standards based, data, audio, video, etc.
- Custom antenna design and testing - wire, embedded, spiral, IFA, PIFA, chip, etc.
- Embedded hardware design - 4 to 32 bits
- Embedded firmware design - Assembly, C, C++
- DSP hardware/firmware development - 16 to 32Bit, Filtering, Convolution, FFT
- Analog and digital interface development - I2C, SPI, SCI, I2S, S/PDIF, Digital/Video, DAC, ADC, etc.

Some of Our Equipment:
- ETS Lindgren DEI shielded room outfitted with RF absorber
- ETS Lindgren DEI shielded desktop chamber
- Eaton Biconical Antenna (20Mhz to 200 MHz)
- 2 Log Periodic Antennae (200Mhz to 6Ghz)
- ComPower LISN (150Khz to 30Mhz)
- 2 Hakko hot air rework stations
- Olympus Optical Inspection Station
- Tektronix 2782 Spectrum Analyzer (9Khz to 33Ghz)
- Tektronix 2794 Spectrum Analyzer (10Khz to 21Ghz)
- HP8753D Vector Network Analyzer (DC to 6Ghz)
- Anritsu MT8820B Cellular Basestation Emulator
- HP 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
- HP 3582A Audio Spectrum Analyzer
- Tektronix oScopes
- Tektronix TM5000 Series Mainframes and various plug-ins

GSM / TDMA EMC Articles (TDMA Audible Noise Susceptibility) - These articles might be of interest to those doing 3rd party accessory product development for the Apple® iPhone™.

'Reducing audio buzz in GSM cell phones', Bill Poole, Freescale | link | pdf |
'Eliminating the Audible Buzz in GSM Phones', Nicholas Holland, Mike Score, TI | link | pdf |
'Noise, TDMA Noise, and Suppression Techniques', Allan Soriano, National | link | pdf |
'Real-Time Bayesian GSM Buzz Removal', Han Lin, Simon Godsil, Cambridge | link | pdf |
'Reduce the Buzz in Cellular Phones', Nicholas Holland, Mike Score, Electronic Design | link | pdf |
'RFI: Keeping Noise out of your designs', Paul Rako, EDN | link | pdf |
'Reduce RF noise effects in headphone amplifier', Adrian Rolufs, EETimes | link | pdf |
'Minimizing RF Susceptibility in Cell-Phone Headphone Amplifiers', Maxim-IC | link | pdf |
'Managing Noise in Cell-Phone Handsets', Maxim-IC | link | pdf |
'Guidelines for Improving the RF Immunity of Audio Amplifiers', Kymberly Schmidt, Maxim-IC | link | pdf |

* Apple, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Made for iPod (Logo), Works with iPhone (Logo) are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. No endorsement of Engineered Audio by Apple is implied, expressed, or to be construed.

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